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Junior Spreads Holiday Cheer To Families With Sickle Cell Disease

Kier "Junior" Spates and his charity, Kier's Hope Foundation, Inc, sponsored several families battling sickle cell disease this holiday season. 

Hosted by our family at 95.9 RnB, our favorite play cousin shared why supporting families with sickle cell disease is so important.

The kids sent a very special thank you to Nephew Tommy for losing the 50 yard dash and coughing up the $5k that was promised. 

Our boy is the Sickle Cell Disease Society of America Celebrity Ambassador (SCDAA) and is tirelessly "working to change the shape of Sickle Cell Disease.”

The folks over at the Sickle Cell Association of Texas took to their Twitter to express their gratitude for all of the wonderful work he has done. 

We salute you Kier Spates for being a longtime survivor of sickle disease and beating the odds of living past the age of 11!

Go Junior!