Sheila E. Dishes On How Prince Proposed To Her!

Sheila E. is probably one, if not THE, baddest female to ever play the percussions. Her skills, her style and her beauty are unmatched. 

Today the R&B legend stops by STEVE and dishes on how Prince asked her to be the lady of his life. 


Omg...could you even fathom to imagine?! Wow, such a moment. 

If that's not enough, the 60-year-old bombshell shares how she "almost" got in trouble with Marvin Gaye. 


Sheila got lucky that Marvin didn't for out "[what was really] going on." 

Also, the fabulous Yvette Nicole Brown stops by and dishes instead of doing "resolutions" this year, she's opting to "write the vision and make it plain" with a vision board. The 46-year-old actress also talks what it's like playing the "mom" role on ABC's "The Mayor." 


Allow your heart to melt with the latest edition of "Steve's Must See" and check out Chicago subway singer, Andrew, as he performs Sam Smith's hit single, "Lay Me Down."


You go boy!

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