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Her Body Is Too "Bootylicious"

In this Strawberry Letter a young man writes to Shirley and Steve about his wondering eyes for women who have a lot of "junk in the trunk" and how is girlfriend despises it. 

Dear Steve and Shirley,

Let me start off by saying that I am a young man in my mid 20's, but I've been fully committed to my beautiful girlfriend since high school. Our relationship is great, but my issue is when we are out in public. Lord knows this always happens to me always as in all caps. Another female with the huge behind seems to always come strolling along and I just can't help but catch a quick look. My girl has a nice big behind, but  I like to window shop and she hates it. So Steve is this normal? To me it's a natural thing and guys just can't help themselves when they see a nice big behind. We start acting like a fat kid with cake. I've even tried wearing sunglasses to hide my eyes, but sometimes I let out a little grunt when I see a fine woman. Will this urge ever go away? Does every guy do this, regardless of how beautiful their girlfriend or wife is? Please help.

Alright, is it wrong for a guy to look, but not touch?

Take a listen to what Shirley and Steve have to say:

What you be offended if you're significant other had "wondering eyes?"