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Oatmeal Announces His March Madness "Elite 8" Picks

"Oatmeal" drops by the studio to announce who he thinks will make it to the "Elite 8" bracket in the NCAA tournament. 

Let me me warn you now, some of his picks may only make sense to Oatmeal and I tell you, the reasonings behind them are freaking hilarious!

Nephew Tommy, errr um, Oatmeal is a fool! Lol

Do your picks match his?

South:                                                                                                                             Kentucky vs. Loyola-Chicago and 

West:                                                                                                                   Gonzaga vs. Texas A&M

East:                                                                                                                   Villanova vs. Purdue

Midwest:                                                                                                                Clemson vs. Duke

Good luck!