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"Boomerang" Is Geting A Reboot

It's looking like a 90's kind of world and I'm not talking about Living Single. It has been announced that BET is giving the classic 90's film, Boomerang, a reboot. I can hear it already, "Marrrccuusss Daaahhhhrrrrling!" *Eartha Kitt voice*

The reboot is set to be a half-hour comedy series that will delve into the "contemporary workplace dynamics, including the changing role of fender, office politics, relationships and the conflicts between Generation X and millennials."

As you've probably have guessed, the main character will still be based of Marcus Graham (Eddie Murphy), the successful executive who "finds that his lifestyle choices have turned back on him when his new boss turns out to be a bigger deviant that he is." Now it is unclear if we'll our faves from the original caste like Eddie Murphy, Halle Berry, Martin Lawrence, Robin Givens and Grace Jones.

I'm excited. This should be good!

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