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There Are Too Many Trifling People In This House!

In this Strawberry Letter a woman writes in for advice on how to deal with her husband's parents and his 21-year-old brother who have been living with them for the past two years. At first she thought it was a good idea to help them out because them were experiencing rough times, but now times up and they have to go.

Take a look:

Dear Steve and Shirley, 

I am a 27-year-old that is married and together, my husband and I have three kids. About two years ago, my in-laws and their 21-year-old son moved into our 3 bedroom house. I was on board with them moving in because they had a hardship and needed some help until they got on their feet. Well, that was two years ago and I have not seen any signs of them trying to get on their feet. My father-in-law does not work and neither does the 21-year-old. They are both able-bodied and able to work any type of job! My mother-in-law works as a hair stylist and my husband and I have to take her to and from work because they don’t have a car. My husband is frustrated too, but feels like there’s nothing he can do. We stress about bills every month now because we have three extra grown people to take care of and they don’t offer to help with household expenses. Our three children are all sleeping in one bedroom, so my in-laws can have their own bedroom. My husband is a good guy, but I need him to get a backbone and put his foot down before I do. There is no excuse for him and his dad to allow his 21-year-old brother to be trifling and not get a job. I can’t deal with this much longer. How should I fix this situation? Any advice you can offer will help.”

Whew, that is a bit much! Sounds like they are being straight up trifling! What do you think?

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