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Get The Lowdown On Carla's Kitchen Update

It looks like our girl Carla Ferrell is trying to be our #kitchengoals!

This "Carla's Reality Update" was swapped out, but for good reason. She finally finished her kitchen! The Steve Harvey Morning Show co-host has kept fans up on the latest happenings in her home renovations through social media. It's been a ragged time with a lot of sacrifice but it all came beautifully together. Now that the finished product is officially live, she wants to share what she's been working on.

Most importantly, Carla also has a few simple tips that she picked up along her journey than can help you during your next reno-project.

Take a look at her big reveal:

Now listen to "Carla's Kitchen Update" below, take a peek at the new changes, and don't to be afraid to show her some love on Instagram @lipsbycarla.