‘Here’s Something Good’ Looks At The Future Of Work

Here’s Something Good knows that there’s a lot going on right now, and while it’s important to stay informed, it’s also important to not fall into a hole of despair from too many hyperbolic headlines. So this podcast provides daily, five-minute bites of good news and optimistic outlooks to help us see the light at the end of the tunnel. On this episode, author and tech analyst Chris Shipley talks about how the world of work has changed, what will stick, and how we can all best react to this crisis so that we can see – and grab – at the many opportunities that will present themselves.

There’s no denying that “100% of jobs will change,” Chris says; after the pandemic, new jobs will spring up that we never imagined before, while some jobs will never come back. For businesses and individuals, the test will be our agility in responding to these changes. For companies, that means “going back to their sense of purpose and culture, where they understand what it is they’re trying to do for the world, their reason for being." Instead of focusing on what product or service they provide, businesses should think instead about why they provide it, and how; with that as the focus, “we’ll find all sorts of ways to transform, to offer new products and services in the market that consumers will be eager to buy, because they’ll be issue-driven and value-centric.” 

Similarly, workers and professionals should be focusing “not on a job title or career category, but what motivates us? Why do we get up in the morning?” When you focus not on what you do, but why and how you do it, you’ll be able to see opportunities that will arise due to the inevitable changes the coronavirus will have on our country. It will be much harder for companies, and people, to grab these chances if “they’re stuck on an identity that is their product, and not an identity that is their purpose.” How can we use this global pause to “prepare ourselves for the future we want right now, instead of letting the past define us?” Get more motivation for your destination on this episode of Here’s Something Good.

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