Trap Beckham released the music video for his latest single "Lil Booties Matter" ft. DJ Pretty Ricky and it's definitely worth one... or five watches. 

The visual stars someone who you may be familiar with: Cardi B's little sister, Hennessy Carolina. She plays someone who's on her way to follow the wave of women who are getting butt enhancement surgery. But, Beckham saves her ass -- literally -- by stopping the surgery before it even starts. He's all about little booties because they matter, too!

Shoutout to the Def Jam artist for letting women with smaller derrieres feel just as poppin' as they already are. "I got 10 lil booties in the pile/ I’m about to make the lil booties while/ Pick it up break it down," he raps. "The lil booties about to win the crown/ The lil booty never make me frown/ The lil booties bout to f**k it up right now."

The song is hot and the visual is very fun to watch. Check out the bootylicious video for "Lil Booties Matter" above. Beckham's Life Is Lit EP is out now!  

Photo: YouTube/TrapBeckhamVEVO