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How To Avoid The Dream Killers In Your Life

Dreams are extremely personal, which is why we tend to keep them so close to our hearts and avoid sharing them with others.

But, when we do allow our dreams to exist outside of ourselves, it isn’t unusual to encounter folks who are eager to tear into our dreams.

It’s often the people who are unable to dream as vividly as you can that are the first to tear into your dreams with their own criticism and doubt.

These people are the Dream Killers... and they have no place in your life.

The thing to remember about Dream Killers is that they only have power over you if you allow yourself to listen to them. If you take their judgement to heart, they can limit and destroy your aspirations.

But once you see their words for what they really are— their own jealousy and self doubt—you can shut down their negativity and focus on what really matters: seeing your dreams become reality.