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Say What?! Newsweek Tweets Dead Photo of Martin Luther King, Jr.

The Twitter streets have been in rage since Newsweek posted a photo of Martin Luther King in a casket with the title, "Has Anyone Seen My Old Friend Martin?"

As soon as MLK's daughter, Bernice King got wind of the photo she immediately expressed her discontent via Twitter with simply "Why, @Newsweek? Wow."

With April 4th 2018 being the commemorative date for the 50th anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King's death, many expressed how tasteless  Newsweek's tweet was.

With much backlash, the tweet was deleted without explanation. However, late Monday Newsweek published an official apology to Bernice and the King family for the "insensitive image"...

After the apology, Bernice posted a video reflecting on the legacy her father left behind and urged the public to be mindful of the images they post to honor the anniversary of her father's assassination.

What are your thoughts on this Steve Harvey Nation? Was this an honest mistake?

Photo: Getty Images