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Steve Says, "2017 Was About Challenges, Changes and Growth!"

I’ll never forget 2017.  It was a year of incredible challenge and change for me.

It was a year where I worked hard on my spirit, my mind and my body.

And my faith grew.

And my vision expanded.

And (don’t look now) my biceps are kinda swole.

None of this came easy because easy is for the weak. There was blood and sweat and tears.  OK, maybe not blood but there was definitely a bucket of sweat and tears.

I remind myself that growth requires and produces change. Sometimes, in order to develop, you need to change your environment. What are you putting in your mind? What are you putting in your body? By changing your inputs, you change your output. I know this because it’s happening to me right now.

You might’ve caught some of it on social media but let me tell you the real work was done offline, in communion with my family and friends. You see, I’ve surrounded myself with people who share the vision and embrace the challenges of living an abundant life. As a result, my family and friends are experiencing greater love and success than ever before.  (Except for Tommy, he needs to work on being successful at sprinting).

I’m excited by the new relationships, the new projects and a renewed sense of purpose that many of us feel this time of year.

I want to challenge you in 2018 to pursue an abundant life by embracing challenge. The challenge is the way, so approach the new year with some damned passion! Then, envision an abundant life for you and the people you love. Do some basic relationship math and add people who share and support your vision and subtract those who debate and hate your vision.  

And then you’re going to have to jump. Yes, you’ll tumble. But then you’ll get your wings and will be soaring soon enough. Don’t forget to document your challenges and be sure to celebrate your growth.  

I’ll be watching.  #teamsteve will be watching. More importantly, the people in your life will be let’s make 2018 our best year ever!


Steve Harvey

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