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Beyonce's Former Vocal Coach: Tina Cheated On Mathew With Current Husband

Woahhh!!!! The tea has runneth over and we're drowning in it. Beyoncé's childhood vocal coach, David Lee Brewer Jr, released a tell-all about the superstar's youth, and the drama that used to go down in her parents' relationship. 

The book is entitled Beyoncé: Raising Genius: A Teacher and his Prodigy. In it, Brewer claims that Mathew Knowles used to battle a drug addiction, which was unknown by many. The author also makes the jaw-dropping allegation that Tina Knowles-Lawson actually cheated on Mathew -- who was also an alleged serial cheater -- many years ago with her current husband, actor Richard Lawson! Excuse us while we regain our breathe...

"In a tear scene, Celestine said that Mathew’s drug use had gotten out of hand. I knew all about it. I’d found a very small package of what appeared to be Mathew’s wonder drug," Brewer writes, as reported by TheJasmineBrand.com. "Turns out, he had escalated to stronger drugs and even stranger behaviors. Rumor had it that cocaine had long since stopped satisfying his thirst, and had turned to crack cocaine."

Brewer continues: "Mathew was into all kinds of kinky things...I never even saw them hold hands. Naturally, they hugged each other in public whenever they considered it expedient—for photo ops, to name one common occurrence. That was as far as their 'affection' for one another went."

The former vocal coach of Bey's also recalls a time where Mathew came home after being out for multiple nights and gave little Beyonce some flowers to give to her mom, who was frustrated with his ways. "Naturally, Beyoncé expected her father’s flowers to have a positive effect on her mother. Surely, they would soften her mother’s obvious anger. Celestine (Tina) surprised everyone by throwing them to the floor," he said.

"While a devastated Beyoncé struggled to understand her mother’s response, I thought to myself, How cruel—of Mathew, that is, using his own child as a shield against his wife’s wrath. Mathew had crossed the line. Damaging Celestine’s image in Beyoncé’s eyes was punishable by death."

While speaking about Tina's affair with her now husband, Brewer said: "I soon discovered that, although unhappily married, Celestine was not suffering all by herself. Going over to the main house to retrieve my keyboard one afternoon, I happened upon Celestine kissing a man. I recognized him immediately: Richard Lawson, a famous actor. The startled Celestine had no choice but to introduce me. Talk about awkward. She was supposed to be at her salon."

Introducing Richard as her cousin, Brewer wrote: "No doubt in my mind. Celestine was cheating on her cheating husband with her 'Cousin' Richard. Damn." 

Photo: Getty Images

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