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Songwriter Of 'Proud Mary' Slams Movie Starring Taraji P. Henson

The singer and songwriter of the hit "Proud Mary," John Fogerty, isn't too happy with the movie of the same name that stars Taraji P. Henson, which was released on Friday (Jan. 12). 

On Thursday (Jan. 11) night, Fogerty went on social media to slam the project for failing to ask for his permission for the title and his music, even though he doesn't own the rights to either, Page Six reports. "There is a movie in current release called 'Proud Mary.' I don't know much about it other than this," he said. "The main character is a black woman who is an assassin. And apparently, her name is Mary."

He continued: “It irks me when people seek to capitalize on the popularity of my music and the good will it has earned with the public for their own financial gain. Over the years, I have often found myself directly opposed to these uses. This movie has nothing to do with me, or my song. They simply picked the title and wrote a completely fictitious story around it.”

A source told EW that Sony Pictures, which is distributing the Proud Mary movie, cleared the "Proud Mary" song with its publisher. However, Fogerty feels that he should have been aware of this, too, because he's the one who created the song with a special meaning. 

“No one ever asked me about using my song this way, or even about the meaning of ‘Proud Mary,'” Fogerty continued. “The movie poster has my lyrics changed to read… ‘killing for the Man every night and day.’ I wrote the song about a mythical riverboat, cruising on a mythical river, in a mythical time… It was obviously a metaphor about leaving painful, stressful things behind for a more tranquil and meaningful life. Far from a story about killing people for money.” 

See the singer's response to the Proud Mary movie below. 


Nevertheless, fans of Henson are extremely excited that the action movie is finally here! See some tweets about it below, including a message from Pam Grier, herself! 


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