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Strawberry Letter - "Subject: Mother-in-Law"

Strawberry Litter - Subject - Mother In Law
Strawberry Letter - Subject - Mother In Law

Good Morning Everyone,

Steve Shirley Carla and Tommy I'm having some issues. My mother in law is going through some problems financial and needs some support. Now let's start from the beginning Steve. I married my wife in 92 back from the first war in the desert. Since then I've been the Nine one one of her family. My father in law broke camp and told me, Son in law you better leave while you got the chance. I didn't understand what was going on or what he meant then. My wife has four younger sisters and she's the only one that's married and stable. I've heard it all and yes even seen it too. I'm a strong man and grew up without a father. I have three beautiful babies ranging from 13 to 9 by my wife. I love her to death and I'll tell you why Steve. I was a dog when she met me and married me. It took me about two years after marriage to realize what I had. She stuck by me. I got myself together and devoted myself to her forsaking all others. Now I've put up with the in-laws thinking that this was punishment for all my infidelities. I've helped out with cars rent house payment bills bankruptcies and even gotten apartments in my name. Now my wife will probably hear this. She listens to you also. But I married her not her family. My God. Haven't I suffered enough? Brett can't do it anymore. I've considered running away but can't leave my babies don't want to leave her. What should I do? 


Dazed and Confused.

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