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Strawberry Letter - "Subject: Going in Circles, Round and Round"

Strawberry Litter - Subject - Going in Circles, Round and Round

Dear Morning Show,

I am sick and tired of this man, but more importantly I'm sick of myself. Here it is, I'm in love with the man that I'm sure doesn't love me. We met my freshman year of high school lost touch and reunited last year. I always accused him of cheating and I had the grounds to. When we would go out skating, I would always catch him in some other girls faces and sitting on their laps and getting their phone numbers like I wasn't even there when I confronted him. He would say I'm teaching them how to skate, but like a fool I broke up with him and got back with him. The sex is incredible and I think that is blocking my better judgment. What should I do? I do still love him and we broke up for a few months and now we are reunited again and I think I want to take him back. 


Getting Dizzy

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