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Strawberry Letter - "Subject: Perfect Boyfriend, Less Than Perfect Credit"

Strawberry Litter - Subject -  Perfect Boyfriend, Less Than Perfect Credit

Steve and Shirley,

First let me clarify the title, I am a girlfriend and I'm the one with less than perfect credit. I met a man last year, who appeared in my life just two weeks after I got down on my knees and prayed one of the one of the most serious prayers I have prayed in my life asking God to send me the help mate I needed because I was tired of being a workaholic. I had never prayed that prayer in my life. Here is how I know this man was sent by God. I met him while I was doing some volunteer work that I forced myself to do. After we met we talked on the phone for weeks discussing everything under the sun. The more we talked, the more we wanted to talk. We started doing things that I had never done in previous relationships. We began playing tennis together, going to the gym, going to church, finding new places to visit, going to concerts, finding historical events to attend, reading books and much more. Each day when we got off work, we were on the phone discussing dinner plans. It has been seven months of extreme happiness with me wanting to spend more and more time with this good black man. He has been talking marriage, but I am hesitant to enter into that world because I have what marketing companies referred to as "less than perfect credit," but we all know what that means. None of the stuff on my credit report is recent because I am back on my feet, but it's still bad including a Chapter 7 and student loans. This man owns a Yukon, a Lexus and a nice house. He has good credit. I know this for sure. He does not brag or boast material things, but I am so scared of letting him find out about my credit status. I appear to have decent credit because I have a nice house and car too, but the truth is I can't even rent a car. I have no credit cards. This man has treated me like a total queen with love and respect. He stays in constant communication with me and it is understood that we are spending quality time together each and every day. Problems I had in the past relationships are not even an issue with this brother. I am totally in love with him, his character and the role model he is to young men. I would be honored to be his wife, so how do I approach him about my credit status?

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