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Uncle Steve Says, "Exposure Is Greater Than Knowledge"

There's a big difference between knowledge and exposure.

Knowledge is passive; it's something you can gain without experiencing it first hand. Exposure, however, is active. You open your mind and take in the sights, sounds, and feelings of an experience and can change you forever. Both are important, but it's exposure to unexplored endeavors that will help you grow.

It’s like flying in first class. When you only experience flying coach, you’re content with that experience. But once you are exposed to the possibilities that lay within first class, there’s no going back

Exposure is the same way. If you’re open to new possibilities, your potential for growth will be limitless and impossible to ignore.

College is necessary to get you to the next level, but once you get to that level...all that's out the window.

There are realities that an academic setting can't teach, so it's important to also pursue real world opportunities. Young people especially have to make it their priority to carve out chances to learn from real life.

After all, you can forget knowledge, but you can't forget where you've been.

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