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This Girl Scout Is One "Smart Cookie"


It's Girl Scout Cookie season and our favorite cookies are now back on the market. While it's not uncommon to see our favorite girls and their troops rally in front of supermarkets, shopping centers and malls to sell our favorite treats, one scout decided to take her efforts to the next level.

Over the weekend, a nine-year-old Girl Scout made the news as she set up shop in front of a medical marijuana dispensary in San Diego and sold more than 300 boxes of cookies in six hours, raking in an estimated $1,500. 

Despite criticism of her marketing tactics, a spokesperson for Girl Scouts San Diego confirmed that the girl did not technically violate any official Girl Scout codes of conduct as she wasn't selling from a both, but from her wagon on the sidewalk alongside her father. 

Let's be clear, there are no rules that state whether or not scouts can take advantage of legal weed stores, so why not go where the hungry people are?

Make that money girl and continue to live by the Girl Scout law!

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