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Strawberry Letter - "Should I Give Up on My Best Friend?"


Dear Steve and Shirley,

 I have been best friends with someone for 18 years. This relationship was strictly platonic for this period, until I finally gave in year 19 to become more than just friends. After two years of this, I realize that there will be no commitment on his part. So, I went ahead and explained to him that I cannot continue with this relationship and I need some kind of commitment. Even though he claims that he has been with no one else, I thought after all these years of being friends we would have at least been engaged by this time. Since I broke off the intimate relationship, he keeps calling me and wants to be intimate, wants me to be intimate with him to which I promptly hang up and ignore him. I guess he did not get it or understand what I said to him. The issue is this, should I just give up on being friends with this man who has been my best friend for so long, or try to reason with him to get him to understand me? 

P.S. I am a woman.

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