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3 Valentine's Day Clips from Family Feud That Are Anything But Romantic


Family Feud is always a trip, and the Valentine’s Day shows are no exception. Here are just three of their best moments:

Ladies buy themselves WHAT?!

Whoa, dude… guess we all know what’s on your mind when you’re lonely! Maybe next time he’ll wait to answer until the question is finished. And to the fellas out there: don’t take a page out of this guy’s book. Please, for the love of God, get your ladies chocolate!

He missed big time!

This contestant’s answer could’ve been great, but unfortunately, he missed the mark (literally). The best part, though: he didn’t even realize it. Cupid would be so ashamed.

This question went way south.

Let’s give the contestant some slack: this isn’t an easy question. But… what about a ferocious animal makes her think about romance? Steve can’t help but riff on her answer in this hilarious behind-the-scenes moment.

Valentine’s Day isn’t usually associated with laughing your butt off, but Family Feud is doing a damn good job of changing that notion.

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