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Strawberry Letter - "Subject: I Am A Mother and A Wife, Not A Maid"


Dear Shirley and Steve,

I'm hoping that you will choose this letter because at this point I really don't know what to do. I've been married for close to nine years to a wonderful man. I have one child and another child that will be born in about two weeks. When my husband and I were dating, I did notice that he wasn't always the neatest person but I cut him some slack because he was a bachelor and living on his own. When we got married and moved into our apartment, he would help out but the majority of the housework fell on me. Shortly after moving into our first home, I began to repeatedly ask him for help around the house. It would usually take me acting like a lunatic before he would help, but the help would only last for about two or three weeks. Fast forward three years later and I'm still 99 percent responsible for the housework. Granted my husband does not have a regular 9 to 5 like I do, but on his days off I expect him to do something anything. Am I wrong for asking him to take care of the yard? Do a few loads of laundry clean up the house if he's home all day without our child to take care of as well? When I'm off on the weekend, I get more done in 5 hours than he does in two full days of being off and that's with having to take care of our child and being pregnant. One more thing, whenever I ask him to do something that affects his family I never ask him more than once. Please help me. What should I do? Steve and Shirley I respect your advice and usually agree with the advice that you have given others. I'm hoping that you will give me a solution that no one else has already given me and didn't work. 


My name is not Florence from The Jeffersons

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