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Strawberry Letter - "Major Dilemma"


Good morning Steve Harvey and crew,

I am writing because I have I am having a major dilemma. My husband and I have been together for about 11 years and have two children. We are currently separated and have been going through some things for the last few years. We've been on and off again. We can't seem to get along and there is a lack of communication. We have been through everything except pregnancies outside the marriage on both parts. At the present time we live in two separate households and have been separated since January. We recently talked and know that we love each other and want to be together. We also know that we need help getting past some of our issues. We decided that we want to be back together. But now the problem is the living arrangement. He currently lives in the house his grandparents own. I live in the apartment we started a one-year lease on in September. He wants to move into the house. I however do not. The reason I refuse to is because of the location of the house. It is not in the greatest part of the city and the outbreak of violence in this area of town is outstanding. I'm not too crazy about the House and the schools in the area suck to say the least. Our children are currently in a great school district and the environment is not overcome with violence. He and I have both live within the city where the house is and we hated it. That is why we moved. So now he wants to live in the house and I refuse to. I would much rather keep our children in the environment they are in and get a home of our own. This has kept us from getting back together. So what should we do? We have no money to move and put our boys in better schools where the house is located and the house needs repairs which at this time we cannot afford. So what advice do you have for us? How can we get past this, reaching a compromise that suits us both, mind you we currently have an apartment where there is a lease until August and it makes no sense no sense to pay rent in two places. Please help us with this. 


Major Dilemma

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