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Strawberry Letter - "Subject: My Husband Lives With My Brother"


Dear Steve and Shirley,

I have been married for five years but my husband moved out three years ago and moved in with my brother after he got into a big argument with my son. My son really didn't know my husband that well when we got married and he thought that my husband was using me so he didn't like him. My husband tried to come back home twice and my son disrespected him both times so he said he would never come back despite our living situation. My husband and I still do everything together. We make love all the time, but we have to go to hotels. My husband says that he loves me very much and I love him as well, but years later he still refuses to move back in so I moved closer to my brother's house to make it more convenient for us to see each other. He and my son are doing a little better now when they see each other. They speak and shake hands, but that's it. One of my husband's female friends told me that he talked about coming home soon. She knows him very well so I got excited, but he said that another one of his female friends told him if he moves back home she will never talk to him again. So he says to avoid conflict, he'll just stay where he is. I pray daily that he will change his mind. What can I do to get my husband back home where he belongs? Steve and Shirley, please help.

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