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Strawberry Letter - "Subject: An 18-Year-Old Boy Who Knows No Limits"


Hi Steve and Morning Crew, 

I am writing this letter because I am in total disbelief. My son who is 18 knows no limit. My husband and I had built quite a collection of porn DVDs. I have noticed over the years that some had walked away but never really paid it any attention. Now I realize we are down to four DVDs four. He is my only child and my husband stepson. When my son was younger I caught him looking at porno on my TV while I was asleep. I kicked his butt. He is the only one here that could have taken them. My question is, Is it normal that a young man would steal porno DVDs knowing that his parents had watched and enjoyed them? I feel I should confront his behind. No matter how embarrassing the situation is. I would not dare creep into my parent's sex lives when I was his age. First of all it would be disgusting. You know young men Steve. What do you think? Jokes aside. Signed,

 Utterly Disgusted

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