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Sister Odell Attacks Shirley Strawberry


Let's be honest, Sister Odell can be a lot to handle. It's no secret that her mouth runs hotter than fish grease. 

In a recent visit to The Steve Harvey Morning Show, Sister Odell caught up with the crew to discuss the youth at Douglas High School and box office hit Black Panther. However, she nearly lost her wig once Shirley Strawberry informed her that evangelist Billy Graham had died. As soon as the news broke, Sister Odell went to "hootin' and hollerin'" and throwing bows. Unfortunately since Shirley broke the news, she became the prime victim.

Take a listen:

Good Lawd and the dramatics continued once Shirley tells Sister Odell that lead singer from The Temptations, Dennis Edwards died as well.

The real question should be, "what are these fools good for?" Lol

The Steve Harvey Morning Show sends condolences to the families and friends of Billy Graham and Dennis Edwards.