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The Winter Olympics: Nigeria's First Bobsledding Team & The Fools


The 2018 Winter Olympics in PyeongChang, South Korea is coming to a close. Athletes from all over the world spend their lives for the moment to compete in the Olympics, and if their lucky, they'll compete more than once. While the ultimate victory is to when gold, have you ever thought how the silver and bronze medalists feel about their medals?

Shirley Strawberry reports that in a recent study,

Bronze medalists may actually be happier than those that come in second place. Silver medalists are less likely to happy because they are thinking about what could've been...Bronze medalists tend to think they could have gotten nothing thinking they could have gotten nothing, but at least 'I got a bronze.'

I guess you can't blame them, they've spent their entire lives for "a moment like this." *cues Kelly Clarkson*


In other Winter Olympics new, this year Nigeria made history with their women's bobsled team by making their debut as "the first athletes from an African nation to compete in bobsled."

 Take a listen:

Wait, can you imagine these fools in a bobsled? Lol 

Don't worry, we did it for you!


There you have it, "Fool Runnings!"

Photo: Getty Images