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One Guest Falls For "Harvey's Hundreds," LITERALLY!


Let's face it, we've all had our share of embarrassing moments. Now whether or not they have been showcased on national television is another story. Unfortunately, that was the case with one unsuspecting contestant.

A few months ago on STEVE, a lady named Jacqueline Clayton was called from the audience to play "Harvey's Hundreds."  In sheer excitement, she ran down from the audience towards the stage and took a tumble. Despite Steve Harvey's warning to "slow down," she landed head first at his feet.  

Take a look:


Gratefully, Jacqueline did not hurt herself and got up without any major injuries. Clearly the only thing on her mind was the "dolla, dolla bill y'all!"

If that wasn't enough, the morning show crew chimed in with some of their most embarrassing moments. Between Shirley having too much grease on her feet in New Orleans and Junior falling at a house party, you'll be sure to get your laugh on.

Take a listen:

Yikes! Lol