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Strawberry Letter - "Subject: Sexy 70's"


Dear Steve and Shirley,

 My husband is 71 years old and he loves to watch porn. I sometimes watch it with him just to please him. Recently things have gotten out of hand. I came home one day and logged into our computer and a Web site popped up that has naked women on it that you can talk to right then and there. I was furious. I've been with this man for 38 years and although we have not had the best marriage I stayed with him. When we first got married. He had an affair with a 19 year old girl. He was 31. I forgave him for that, but over the years he has had several other affairs. I am a nice looking 69-year-old woman and I am tired of his indiscretions. I have not had any affairs although I've thought about it. We are supposed to be truthful to one another. I am tired of being made a fool of. Is this just a phase he's going through? What should I do to make him see that this is hurting me? 

Please help.

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