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She Called Him The Wrong Name In Bed...TWICE!


We all have our moments in the heat of passion. Some lose their minds, and I mean that literally, because they completely "forget" WHO they are wrapped in passion with.

That's exactly the case with this Strawberry Letter, "Subject: Whose Is It."

Check it out:

Dear Steven Shirley,

This past Valentine's Day started out as the most amazing day with the man of my dreams. We planned to go out to dinner. So after work, I went to his condo and waited for him to get home. The moment he walked through the door, we got busy quick and "wild style." Afterwards, we pulled ourselves together and went out to dinner. He gave me the bottle of perfume that I've always wanted. So the night was going great. After dinner we went back to his condo and had some drinks, listened to some music and ended up getting intimate again. The love making was so intense and passionate, this time until he abruptly jumped up and yelled, “What did you say?” It took me a couple of seconds and then I realized, "oh my goodness! I just whispered my ex's name." How did this happen? I've been divorced for 10 years and I have no contact what so ever with my ex. My man looked at me with this hurt angry disgusted look and left the bedroom. This is the second time it's happened. I did the same thing a few years ago. He eventually forgave me the first time and we got back on track, but this time I don't think that's going to happen. I've apologized over and over, but we've only spoken twice since then. I'm so mad at myself. I'm heartbroken and confused. What is wrong with me? Do you think he will forgive me again, or is it best to just leave it alone and walk away? BTW, we're in our mid 50s, both divorced and we've been together for the past seven years. I don't want to lose him. 

Please help. 

We all make mistakes, but HOW do you make the same mistake twice?! It was one thing for him to forgive her the first time, but one starts to wonder if in fact she is entirely over her ex.

As you can imagine, Shirley and Steve had a few words for weighed in with their thoughts.

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Have you ever called someone the wrong name in bed?

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