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OMG! Whose "Sugar Honey Iced Tea" Is This?


Let's be honest, when "mother nature calls" you better answer. However, that doesn't necessary mean any time and any place.

Take a look at this Strawberry Letter where this lady enjoys leaving unsuspecting "gifts" in unsuspecting places. 

Check it out:

Dear Steve and Shirley, 

I met the love of my life. This beautiful woman was so perfect. I could not believe she was still single. Well, after dating her for six months, I figured out exactly why she is not married. She has a bizarre nasty habit!  It all started to go downhill when I took her around my friends for the first time. We went to a house party and had a good time eating and drinking. The next day, my friend called me upset because someone had relieved themselves in his bathroom drawer. To put it politely, it was not urine! He thought someone had had too much to drink and made a mistake. Two months later, my lady and I went to play cards at another friend's home. The next day, my buddy called me and was very upset because someone had relieved themselves in his son’s closet. It’s odd to me that it’s happened twice, but I don’t dwell on it. A week later, my lady and I went to my brother’s house for a cookout. The next day, same thing… my brother called me and said he had discovered a “mess” on the backseat of his SUV. Now there have been three incidents and it’s starting to get really weird, so I mentioned it to my girl. I told her that everywhere we had been, someone had left a surprise for the homeowner each time. Her response blew my mind! She shamefully admitted that it was her all three times. She said she can’t help it, she likes to relieve herself in odd places when she goes out. She said she tried therapy for many years, but nothing has worked. I consulted a psychiatrist on my own and he said that the problem is very common and that I should stay with her and support her. I was going to marry this woman, but now I’m thinking that marriage would not be a good idea. What’s your advice? Should I throw in the towel now or stay with her and help her through this?

Have you ever heard of such a thing? More importantly, could you date someone with this same issue? 

You know Shirley and Steve had a few words. 

Take a listen:

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