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Look, "Yo Mama Has Got To Go"

A marriage is between you and your significant other. A marriage is not between you, your significant other and their mother. While it's important to be there for your family when they are in need, what happens when your mother-in-law begins to take over your home?

Take a look at this Strawberry Letter:

Dear Steve and Shirley.

I'm hoping I can get some advice on this issue because it's driving me crazy. My husband's mom has been living with us and sleeping on my couch for the past month. She left her boyfriend because of his drug use and moved in with her elderly father. One Saturday she asked to come stay with us so she could go to church with us. The next morning, well she never made it to church and a month later she's still sleeping on our couch. We are in a tiny apartment and she's not on our lease. My living room looks like a campsite. I can't even have company over anymore. She doesn't clean up after herself. She doesn't help with the kids slash her grandkids. She doesn't help with the bills nor does she buy food. She doesn't have a car so she borrows my husband's car and whenever I talk about her going back to live with her father she dances around the subject. My husband doesn't think it's an issue. He says it's his mom and she needs a place to stay right now, but she will leave eventually. If our leasing office finds out that she's still staying with us, we could all get put out. I want her out of our tiny apartment...I've had it. Please help.

What should she do?

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