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Is This Young Man Depressed?

Let's be honest...raising a 13-year-old boy is not for the faint of heart, especially if you're single and pregnant. In this Strawberry Letter, a distraught mother writes Shirley and Steve for advice because she believes her son lacks common sense. 

Take a look:

Good morning to all. 

Steve I've been waiting for the chance to speak to you and Shirley or have you speak into my life. I'm a single parent of a 13 year old boy. My son is very intelligent a straight A student. My concern with my son is that I feel he lacks common sense. It is very frustrating. I tried the best way I know how to help him in this area of his life but it seems as if I've made it worse. How do you teach your child common sense? We really need your help because of the situation. We have limited conversation. He is scared to talk to me. I know it's because I made him feel like that but what am I supposed to do. I just want to know when he is out in the world he can and will make the best decisions on his own. I feel so bad to the point that I cry and ask God to help me. I don't see what I am doing wrong but it's obvious that I am doing something wrong. For the record let me just put it out there. It's not the pregnancy. He has been like this before I even thought of having another baby. Here are a few examples of his behavior. Keep in mind he is 13. Number one I have to remind him to eat. If you don't ask him he won't get up and feed himself. Number two I have to remind him to bathe. Days go by and he won't think on his own to take a shower. Sometimes I won't say anything just to see how long it would take for him to take a shower on his own. Number three. All he wants to do in the house is lay around. I mean he balls his whole body up and will just lay there. I mean he bawls his whole body up and we'll just lay there even when we go out he would lay his head on a table or ball his legs up in a chair. I don't understand. I used to be light with my words but lately I've been hard on him because I can't take it anymore. Number four he will not groom himself. I am a complete opposite. So I don't know where he gets this from. I tell him how to groom as a man but I can't show him like he can't stay in the room with me when I'm getting dressed. Anyway he can't do everything I do. He's a boy. Our communication is fading because he feels scared to talk to me. Please help us Steve. I am open to any suggestions to develop a healthy relationship with my son. I have to be honest with you and the public. I feel I am to blame for this situation escalating because now it's hard for me to talk to him without already being frustrated. What approach should I take with him? 

P.S. No he does not have a male role model in his life, not even the guy I'm pregnant by. That is a whole other letter. Sincerely frustrated mom.

Lacking common sense? It sounds like this boy is dealing with some sort of mental illness. I'm not a doctor, but it doesn't sound like a 13-year-old boy would "choose" to behave this way.

Take a listen to see what Shirley and Steve have to say:

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