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What Is A "Family Cloth" & Would You Use It?

"Going green" has been a trend sense folks have decided to wise up and realize the effects that global warming is having on our world. In fact, some folks have decided to nix toilet paper for something called a "family cloth."

Family cloth wipes are reusable small cloth squares that people are using to wipe and then place in a basket. While "traditional" toilet paper is a staple in many households, folks are becoming more environmentally friendly with their "business" and only reverting back to actual toilet paper for when it's time to "drop the kids off at the pool"  

The family cloth wipes come in a variety of patterns and colors, but if you aren't satisfied you can definitely join the band wagon and create your own.

Take a listen to see what the crew had to say about these "family cloth" wipes:

Would you use a family cloth?

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