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Steve Talks Being "Trapped In The Bathroom!"

The morning crew discuss "Something Funny" with things that are a complete turn on and off when visiting a date's home for the first time. 

Junior and Nephew Tommy immediately share what they feel are major turn offs while visiting a woman's house including, hair around the sink and not having a clean trash. Uncle Steve shares how he appreciates a woman with a clean house and how both sexes should keep their houses clean. 

Just as you least expect it, Steve shares a story girl he dated in college that was from Louisiana. As they set out of their first date, Steve allowed her to pick the restaurant and order their meals. Of course she would choose a Creole restaurant and order the spiciest food on the menu. Poor Steve, because it his mouth wasn't the only thing running that night. Lol 

Take a listen to the 4 part series of Steve's rendition of "Trapped In The Closet," better known as "Trapped In The Bathroom":

Damn...that's too bad Unc! Lol

Photo: Getty Images