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Mom Apologizes To School For Son's X-Rated McDonald's T-Shirt

We've all heard of "mom brain," you know where moms sporadically forget things, experience brain fog, can't sleep well at night...the whole nine. Well it looks like one Texan mom let it get the best of her. 

Shelly McCullar is trending on Facebook apologizing for not monitoring her son's clothing close enough before sending him off to school. She sent her son Anthony to school at Travis Elementary one morning in what she that was a simple McDonald's logo t-shirt with the slogan "I'm Lovin It" underneath. After a closer look, she realized her son was rocking an X-rated McDonald’s Golden Arches parody t-shirt where the slogan referred to loving more than just a simple hamburger...if you know what I mean. *hint hint*

McCullar has since apologized to the school via Facebook and she promised to monitor what her kids  wear to school from now on! Just wondering, is there an age in which your parents allowed you to pick out your own clothes? What was your daily routine for picking out your clothes to go to school?