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Congrats! Single Mother of 5 Graduates With A Law Degree

I'm sure you've heard the infamous saying that "it's never too late to pursue your dreams." 

We saw that with 92 year-old, Dorothy Steel who got her first acting gig in the box office hit, Black Panther. Now we're pleased to announce that Ieshia Champs, a 33 year-old single mother of 5, has just received her law degree.

Champs is a Port Arthur Native and now Houstonian who has overcome quite a few challenges, like losing her partner to cancer and losing all of her worldly possessions in a fire. Now this daring diva, can add another feat to her repertoire as a proud graduate of the 2018 Thurgood Marshall School of Law at Texas Southern University.  

Champs photo of her wearing a cap and gown, holding a sign which reads "I did it" is all the talk in the internet streets. Not to mention, all 5 of her children in the background holding signs too, with messages like "I helped!" and "We did it!" The photo has gone viral because it's serves as a gentle reminder that anything is possible. Champs says her oldest son, who is 14, has been the biggest help by taking care of his younger siblings. Thanks to their support, their mom is on her way to being a lawyer.

Ieshia Champs, we salute you here at The Steve Harvey Morning Show!

Photo Credit: / CBS