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On The Road With Monica Barnes: Mississippi Bound

Our Executive Producer, Monica T. Barnes aka Mississippi Monica was "on the road" down "history lane" in her home state of Mississippi at the Mississippi Civil Rights Museum with its Director, Pamela Junior.

Take a look as Monica and Pamela discuss how the Mississippi Civil Rights Museum got started and how it's all about integrity and giving a voice to voiceless. Honoring those who whose lives were taken long before their stories could be told. It's history in one place. "No judge, no jury...just Jim Crow:

Take a listen as Shirley Strawberry and Nephew Tommy talk to Ms. Junior about the Mississippi Civil Rights Museum.

Pamela Junior Mississippi Civil Rights Interview

After stopping by the Civil Rights museum, Monica hit the road again to head over to the Grammy Museum Mississippi.

Barnes spoke with NaCherrie Cooper, Marketing and Communications Manager, whose great grandfather is Muddy Waters. The two go on to discuss how important it is for African Americans to know their history in music, as it is the universal language and something for our kids to see.

From the Civil Rights Museum, to two-stepping to some of our favorite hits at the Grammy Museum, to visiting the BB King Museum and understanding what the "Chitlin Circuit" meant to African American entertainers, we want to be sure to you take time to visit the great state of Mississippi. It's not just black history, it's OUR history!

Keep your eyes open for the next installment of "On The Road With Monica Barnes" because you'll never know where she'll be next.

Photo: MDAH