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My Wife Is "Doing Too Much On The Gram"

Social media is the way of life these days. If you’re not on social media, it’s almost like you don’t exist. It's all about capturing the moment. Moments with your family, your friends and of course you!

We we’re first told to “do it for the vine,” but now it’s all about the gram. In fact, it’s the gram that has sparked this Strawberry Letter: "She’s Doing Too Much On The Gram.”

Take a look as a husband writes in about how he feels that his wife’s Instagram account and why he feel it is “too revealing.”

Dear Steve and Shirley, 

I have an issue with my wife's image on social media. My wife has an Instagram account and I feel like the picture she posts are inappropriate for a married woman. I don't have an Instagram account, so for a long time I had no idea what she was posting on her page. One day I asked her to see her Instagram page and as I started flipping through the pics I was so shocked by what I saw. My wife, the mother of our children had some very revealing pictures posted for the world to see. I am from the old school of thought where your wife is supposed to keep covered in public and only show those types of things to her husband. I told her that classy women don't post swimsuit pics, butt pics and suggestive poses on the internet. My wife told me that every woman does it now and I should just relax and stop being so old fashioned. I honestly think she uses Instagram to boost her ego. You should see the comments she gets random guys and her girlfriends about how she looks. This really upsets me I don't want my wife showing the world the special things that are for my eyes only. How do I get her to understand that the pictures are not appropriate or should I just loosen up?

So what do you think? Is this guy too “old fashioned”

Check out what Shirley and Steve have to say:

Who do you agree with? Shirley or Steve?

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