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Steve Harvey’s Breakup Handbook: How To Act When You Breakup

We all know that breakup’s can be tough and in some cases down right ugly, especially if you’re a man. Well, Uncle Steve Harvey is here to the rescue with a few tips from “Steve Harvey’s Breakup Handbook” to help you get over a break-up before it breaks you.

Now it’s time to take notes on how to act when you breakup:

Rule #1 – You are allowed only 1 drunk dial.

Rule #2 – You are not allowed to roll up on your ex, just because you see their car parked outside the club, the restaurant or church. Don’t go in there.

Rule #3 – Y’all’s favorite spot is off limits to both parties for at least 4 months.

Rule #4 – Texting each other your favorite song is off limits.

Take a listen to the rest:

Unc makes some great points, but my personal favorite is not contacting each other's mama. It's hard to truly get over someone, especially if they're all "buddy-buddy" with your mama! What do you think?

What are some other breakup rules that folks should follow?