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The Gospel According To Beyonce

In honor Beyonce, Grace Cathedral in San Francisco held a weeknight service that attracted more than 900 people- which is more than twice the average on a typical weeknight -to a Bey-themed night of worship. 

The best way to describe would be that it is a traditional mass mixed with a bit a pop culture, Bible readings from the Book of Luke and Psalms and then to be topped off with a couple of Beyonce songs such as, "Freedom" and "Flaws and All." Yep, pretty much an epic night.

Reverend Yolanda Norton, said the idea sprang from a class called, Beyonce and the Hebrew Bible (yes, you read that correctly). A class taught nearby at the San Francisco Theological Seminar in which Rev. Norton admitted to the San Francisco Chronicle, that "when we talk about womanist biblical interpretation, Beyonce felt like a natural."

Go ahead Bey, we can see your "Halo!"

Take a listen to the crew's rendition of the "O' Holy Night."

Photo: / Getty Images