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Donald Trump Continues To Shade Colin Kaepernick

It seems as though President Trump cannot stop throwing shade at Colin Kaepernick for taking a knee. 

During a rally in Michigan on Friday, Trump held no punches in suggesting that Kaepernick would be better off if he would have just "honored" the American flag and stood for the national anthem. 

Take a look:


While Trump never mentioned the former NFL player's name, all of his innuendoes suggest it to be so. As the saying goes, "if it talks like a duck and walks likes a's a duck!" For some reason, no. 45 can't understand that fact that it is bigger than just honoring a flag. It's about basic human rights for people of all colors. 

Unfortunately, Kaepernick has been playing a little back and forth with the Seattle Seahawks. It was revealed that the team went as far as to cancel a workout with the quarterback because he refused to take a knee during the 2018 season. *ugh*

Despite the unfair treatment that Kaep is receiving, it sure is refreshing to know that he is standing, or rather kneeling in his truth.

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