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Steve Harvey & Sheryl Underwood Have Advice For Kanye West

Kanye West is trending in news worldwide with his recent remarks on whether or not slavery was a choice. 

During a recent visit at TMZ, Ye' went on a rant on how he feels his support for Donald Trump, his views on slavery and thoughts on assimilation is nothing more than his way of "being and thinking free." But for many in the Black community, especially Van Lathan, the Chi-town rapper isn't thinking at all.

Folks are on an emotional roller coaster on Kanye's new way of thought. You must remember just a few years ago he rapped about how “Jesus Walks,” but now refers to himself as a “god” and leaving folks surprised by the way “Yeezus talks.”

Is Kanye having a crisis?

In a recent segment of The Steve Harvey Morning Show, Sheryl Underwood asks Steve Harvey his views on Kanye's recent behavior. While some feel as though West isn't in his right mind, Uncle Steve feels he's just fine and "needs an older black man in his life that is real and will tell him the truth." 

Take a listen:

While we do have "freedom of speech" in this country, do you agree there are just some things you aren't supposed to say? 

What are your thoughts on Kanye?

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