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Carla’s Reality Update and TV Show Updates

Quality time is important. Each week our girl Carla Ferrell dishes the latest in scripted and reality TV. It's no secret that Carla and her daughter, Tosha love the hit TV show, Black-ish.

After watching this week's episode, check out what Carla had to say:

My daughter Tosha and I were watching Black-ish It’s a great family sitcom. It’s about a professional suburban couple living in an upper-middle class neighborhood struggles to raise their children while ensuring they have a sense of cultural identity. Well, recently on the show, there was a storyline showing us that even the best couples have very hard times. Rainbow and Andre are having serious marital issues and it was during their kitchen remodel they realized that need to separate. 

I really appreciate Black-ish showing real life, real struggles and a real marriage. At the end of the episode Dre moved out! My daughter and I were really sad!

Have you ever been in that situation, where you had to move out? What happened did you guys get back together? 

Take a listen for more on Black-ish and Love & Hop Hop Atlanta with Carla’s Reality Update and TV Show Updates:

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