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Tommy Time: Nephew Tommy Talks Starbucks Arrest With Officer Chris

In this installment of Tommy Time, Nephew Tommy (aka Thomas Miles) speaks with Officer Chris in Houston, TX on how people view African Americans in law enforcement.

To no avail, Tommy asked Officer Chris his view point on the incident that took place with the two black men arrested in Starbucks.


Officer Chris admits that the first question that came to mind was "why were they arrested?" He goes on to state how police officers must be great communicators in order to accurately assess matters at hand. In this case, just because Starbucks called the officers to the scene doesn't mean a crime was committed. 

Take a listen: 

Just like Officer Chris said, "this is a profession, which means you should be a professional" and law enforcement should conduct themselves as such.

Stay tuned for the next installment of Tommy Time where Nephew Tommy talks to regular people doing extraordinary things.