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Nephew Tommy Ain't No Fool!

On Friday Nephew Tommy made such a big fuss about Steve  buying his wife Marjorie a gift for Mother's Day because she isn't his mother. The King of Pranks went on boast how he buys stuff for his mother and not his wife.

In good 'ol Uncle Steve fashion, Steve calls Tommy's wife Jackie aka Lemonade, to tell her what her husband said.

Take a listen: 

After all that talk, Jackie took to her IG holding a shopping bag filled with a little "something-something" from the Chanel store.

"For everyone that listened to the #SHMS on Friday and caught my Lemonade Ltr interview regarding "SHE ain't MY Mama!" and are wondering if @thenephewtommyexp came through with [my] Chanel gift for Mother's Day. He DID THAT! Love me some him! Thank you Baby!! 😘❤️😘❤️"

Just like Lemonade ain't his mama, Tommy ain't no fool!

You did good Neph!