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What Does It Mean To Be "Black In America?"

On the heels of the release of Childish Gambino's thought-provoking video, "This Is America," The Steve Harvey Morning Show discuss what it means to be Black In America. 

From the Starbucks incident in Philly, to the police being called on a young black woman at Yale University, to the three black women staying at an Airbnb in California who didn't wave at a's getting quite ridiculous. Something needs to change and it needs to change now. 

After reports circulated about the police being called on a woman who refused to pay for plastic utensils at a Waffle House in Alabama, Dr. Bernice King took to Twitter asking Americans to boycott the legendary chain restaurant.

Take a listen to what the crew has to say on what it means to be black in America:

Do you agree with Steve? Will racial sensitivity training be enough?

What does being black in America mean to you?