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Is He My Kids’ Daddy Or Granddaddy?

In this Strawberry Letter, a young woman writes in for advice on how she should handle the fact that she doesn't know if her father-in-law is the daddy or granddaddy of her children. As cray-cray as it sounds, this is her reality. Look we are all human and we make mistakes.

Take a look at this letter and see if you can make sense of the "mess" this 28-year-old has gotten herself into:

Dear Steve and Shirley,

As Nephew Tommy would say, “Buckle Up and Hold on Tight,” for real this time. There’s no easy way to explain my situation. I’m a 28-year-old married woman. I married my high school sweetheart and we have six kids, but I’m not sure who my kids’ father is. Here’s why…ten years ago, I lost my parents in a bad accident and living without them was unbearable for me. I started drinking, partying and having sex all of the time with different men. I was a mess. My boyfriend had no idea about my secret sex life. One night when I was drunk, I went to my boyfriend’s house looking for him and ended up having sex with his father. His dad and I had amazing sexual chemistry, so we continued to have sex for years. I got pregnant with my first child and my boyfriend and I got married. Since I’ve been married, I have only had sex with my husband and his dad. I do not use protection with my husband and I do not use protection with his dad. Recently, my husband’s dad and I ended our affair because it was getting harder to sneak around. I also stopped drinking and decided to get my life together so I can be a better wife and great mom. But the first thing I need to do is figure out who is the daddy of each one of my kids. Is it my husband or is it his father? I love my husband dearly and I don’t want to lose him. His love and support got me through the worst part of my life. I need to tell him about my affair with his dad and I need to get him to do a DNA test. My kids deserve to know who their dad is, right? But, I don’t want to ruin the relationship that my husband has with his dad. So, how do I approach this? Please help.  

Oh Lawd!

Take a listen to what Shirley and Steve have to say: 

What would you do? How do you tell your husband that his dad may be the biological father of your kids? *gasp*

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