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Will Junior Find Love?

We went digging in the Strawberry Letter files and came across a letter from a woman revealing that she has the biggest crush on Junior. 

Take a look:

Dear Steve and Shirley,

After months of going back and forth as to if I should send in a letter, I finally decided to do it. I remember you reading about someone else who shared a similar issue as I do, but unlike them, I have the biggest crush on Junior. I've admired his work with Sickle Cell determination to be more than a medical statistic and yes his ability to out run Tommy, LOL! I, myself run the special needs department at my church and have been one of the known resources for the special needs community. Much like Junior, I enjoy being both an encouraging and comical voice for people to hear and know they're not alone. Regardless of where I am, I always tune in to listen to the show...mostly because of him. Please know that I love you all and the show is a daily inspiration for who I am now and all I will be, but there is nothing like hearing his jokes and voice. I would love to date Junior, but I'm not sure if he's single. Yet alone, how to reach out to him. Any advice is welcomed to help me either get over this 2-year crush or act on how I feel. I'm crushing on your co-worker.

Luckily, Junior is single and possibly ready to mingle. The only problem is that she didn't send in a picture with her letter. The crew had a chance to talk it over and urged the woman to submit one.

Take a listen:

Now that Junior is all slim and trim, letters are coming out the "wazoo" of women gushing over our favorite play cousin and we got proof!

Take a listen to some of these letters:

As you heard Unc say, "what about Mississippi Monica?" She does have TWO degrees!

Oh, this could be good! *rubs hands together* ❤️

That saga on whether or not Junior will find love continues!