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Tommy Talks Education With President Rhonda Jones

“Until this country elects people into those offices who value public education and who see our children as part of our critical future” - Rhonda Jones, President, Board of Education for Houston Independent School District 

The state of our youth education system is critical. In this installment of "Tommy Time,"  Nephew Tommy (aka Thomas Miles) speaks with Rhonda Jones, President of the Board of Education for Houston Independent School District about pressing issues with the matriculation of our youth. 

Tommy comes out the gate asking President Jones her thoughts on Trump's talk on allowing teachers to carry guns to school. It would seem as though anyone with common sense would know that you can’t,  “avert an active shooter [with] an active shout out” in a place that governs students.

The conversation moves on to discuss why teaching is the most underfunded and undervalued profession, even though there is not one vocation on this planet that you can learn "that doesn’t require a teacher.”

Are you catching the drift here? Education is the KEY to our future and it starts with our YOUTH!

Take a listen:

In excitement, President Rhonda Jones expresses there is joy for the type of work she does. 

"Seeing that I am an integral part in each one of those people’s lives...that’s the value in it"

Knowing that, gives our family in Houston another reason to smile! 🙂 

Thank you Rhonda Jones for investing in the future of our youth. We honor you!

Stay tuned for the next installment of Tommy Time where Nephew Tommy talks to "regular people doing extraordinary things."

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